Monday 10.12.20




Chest to Bar Pullups

Ring Dips

Front Squats (135/95)


chest to bar = regular pullups, band assisted, jumping

rings dips = regular dips, assisted

front squats = reduce load

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24 minute Pyramid

Run – max effort each interval

4 min on – 2 min off, 5 min on – 2 min off, 6 min on – 2 min off, 5 min on – 2 min off, 4 min on – done

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Sunday 10.12.19



On the minute for 8 minutes

3 Deadlifts @ 70% 1rm

[rest 5 min]

250m Row Time Trial

[rest 3 min]

2 minutes max Pushups


row = something different today. If you dont have an Erg then do 2 minutes max Pullups

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Home is where the heart is


Most of you know that Jen & I have a dream, are hankering to, established the goal of starting our own CrossFit Affiliate.  Most of you know that there’s been some ups and downs lately and the reality of owning our Affiliate is still off in the distance.

That simple fact has been driving me crazy.  Having a box, building that community is still a ways off, and I’ve let it stall me in my tracks.

I spent 6 weeks unable to train after surgery, then the last 3 weeks hardly training due to lack of motivation.  Bad weather, shitty diet, & too much whiskey in the house, all great easy excuses to NOT do one of the things I love, which is to train myself & others.  And because I allowed myself to start down that path I’ve continued down it.  Second guessing every 1/2 decision we’ve made.  Wondering if I’m good enough to do this.  Asking myself if I’ve reached too far, started down a pipe dream, and otherwise made a mistake in thinking I should put my efforts into starting a business in a field that I have SO much to learn in.

That’s when things really started to get bad.  I started drinking a little more, eating a few more cookies, and ignoring any semblance of training.  I actually started thinking that it was definitely a waste of time and energy, trying to get things together for RedFlag over the summer.  I should have just continued to tattoo full time & trained on my own, by myself, etc. etc. etc….

I almost forgot why I fell in love with this modality of strength, conditioning, and endurance.  I almost forgot about all the greatly awesome people I’ve met and still want to meet.  I almost forgot about the community I miss & want to create here, in my new home. But that’s what’s great about this community, they don’t let you forget.  So after a kick in the ass from Jim over at CrossFit440 I started looking at stuff on the web again.  Started formulating a plan, started DOING again, because that’s what we are really about.  Getting out and doing instead of just daydreaming. We are a community of driven, goal accomplishing individuals coming together to help and celebrate with those accomplishments.

In looking around & doing research I found this video.  It’s Chris Spealler’s box, CrossFit Park City, What is CrossFit video.  It’s perfect, it’s what I am going to create here, in our new home.

Saturday 10.12.18



2 Rounds For Time

5 Power Clean (155/95lbs)

30 Doubleunders

rest 2 min

repeat for 2 more cycles (6 rounds total)


power cleans = reduce load

doubleunders = tuck jumps, single skip-doubleunder-single skip ratio only counting the doubleunders

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If you don’t know who this is, then perform the Endurance WOD, you’ll meet him along the way

The man, myth, and legend



Tabata; 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  All out efforts

Bike: Use a Monarch ERG, stationary bike with wattage tool or something similar that can hold a load of 200+ watts

Run: Use a treadmill, set at 12% grade at 0-30 sec slower pace per mile than best 5k pace. Do not reduce the speed!

C2: Row 20:10×8

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