Tuesday 11.05.31


Deadlift 10,8,5,3,3,3 [2min between sets]

[rest 5min]

4min continous running clock

Hollow Rock – Superman

*Goal is to stay under ‘tension’ for the entire 4min.  Roll back and forth from one position to the other as form begins to break.

Hill Repeats

Run – 2x 1200m with 8-10% grade, 2min rest between efforts
Row – 2x 1500 with dampener @ 8-10, 2min rest between efforts
*Max speed on all efforts

Saturday 11.05.28

Make up a missed WOD, get rest.  Monday is Memorial Day!
Reminder, we will only be holding a 9am WOD on Monday.  So plan to hang out and cheer on anyone running in later heats while enjoying a nice post workout treat.

Tempo 80-90% – 1st half will be at 80% effort, 2nd half increase to 90% effort

SC – 2miles
LC – 4miles
UC – 8miles

Thursday 11.05.26



8min of 30sec ON, 30sec OFF

Ball Slams (30lb)

Box Jumps (20”)

*Alternate between movements. i.e. 30sec of Ball Slams, 30sec rest, 30sec of Box Jumps, 30 sec rest.  You will do each movement 4 times.

Post number of LOWEST REPS from each movement.


Lactate Shuttle – max efforts, choose ONE sport

Run: 5min ON, 2:30min OFF, 6min ON, 3min OFF, 7min ON, done

Row: 3min ON, 1:30min OFF, 4min ON, 2min OFF, 5min ON, done