Sherry’s Run Training – Week of 11.08.29


We are in the final stages of Sherry’s Run, two weeks until everyone is toeing the line. This is going to be the last week of hard training. next week we will taper just a little, giving you the drive to go out and run hard on the 9th of Sept.

The programming for the week goes like this: Choose one workout, per day, spread out evenly through the week. Make your TimeTrial day an off day from any other workouts. Make sure you’re getting your Strength & Conditioning in over at IMA & Warrior Athletics. It will help keep those running prone areas loose and supple. Last but not least, MOBILITY WORK!!!! Do it, it is as important as working out. In fact, when you’re sitting there thinking “Man I need to go get a few miles in, I haven’t ran enough”; when you think that go do some Mobility Work. Here’s a link, LOTS of good stuff on this page.


8-12min of 100m on the minute

  • All out efforts
  • Do a minimum of 8 rounds. If your times are running fairly consistent with times only gradually getting slower then go ahead and do another 2 – 4 rounds


4-6x 5min w/ 90sec rests

  • Goal is to keep pacing as consistent as possible. Use the same course and do as Out and Backs.
  • Perform a good warm up of 800m jog, rest 1min, then 3 x 100m sprints w/ 1min rest. Rest until heart rate back to normal, about 3-5min.
  • Do on terrain similar to Race Course.
  • If you’re feeling good, have been recovering well all week, eating good, sleeping proper. IF you meet ALL these criteria, rest as long as it took you to run the first mile then go at it again, beating your time.

Have some fun


Since I’ve been so bad at keeping up on posting WOD’s for everyone I’m going to make it easy.

Warm Up: you know what to do, a little DROM, a light jog, a few sprints

Skill Work: pick your LEAST favorite skill exercise & do that 3-5x

WOD: Choose a distance somewhere between 1/2Mile to a 1Mile any terrain you want. Run the distance as an out & back x2 w/ equal time rest
ie If it takes a total of 8min to run Out & Back rest 8min
1. Return faster then it took to reach the turn around
2. Make your 2nd out & back faster then the 1st

Squat Therapy: 10min in the full “third world country” squat

On The Move


Well I’m on the road, heading to Cleveland to guest spot in my other line of work, tattooing. I stopped because it’s feeding time.
Being on the road is the best excuse to eat poorly, so I made it a point to challenge myself to stay as primal as possible over the next 2 weeks. I packed a cooler with some grub but realistically we didn’t have a whole lot of protein in the house when I left. What to do?
Upon hitting a Strarbucks for an Americano, I spied a McDonalds. Gasp! But, they serve grilled chicken, I have a bowl of greens in my cooler, and it’ll be quick.
For the cost of 2 grilled chicken sandwiches sans bun & mayo I could have bought a pound of high quality roast beef at the local grocery. But I don’t know where that is.
So as I sit eating my palette chicken watching the same shaped persons drive up to the window & order dinner order dinner in a bag I think about our indoctrination of convenience.
We are a culture that puts convenience at the top of our priorities, the only reason I’m sitting here is watching this display of American evening ritual is out of convenience.
Dont be that guy.
The challenge is to find one thing that you know you do out of convenience & change it. Find the BEST way to do it, not the easiest.

On The Move


Real quick, I’m on the road.

400m jog
4x100m w/ 1min rest
-make these progressively faster; 1st one at 60-70% effort, 2nd at 70-80%, and so on

8x20sec On 10sec Off rest 8min & go again
-do this on a track
-rest are a complete halt
-how far did you make it on the 1st Tabata, how far on the 2nd.

Have fun

Staying on track but making sure to have FUN while doing it!



Allright, allright. I’ve concluded that there is no way for me to write daily. Even if it would just be a quick “this was my workout”.  I tend to want to say more and I get sidetracked on the computer too easily along with the excess of stuff I find to do.

In the unpacking, reorganization, cleaning out of our life’s stuff I came across journals. Journals from as far back as ’99 keeping track of my workouts, food, etc. Made me realize I’ve been kinda obsessed with this stuff a lot longer then I thought. I just tend to get sidetracked into other things at times. The journals that jumped out at me were from the time that I transitioned into a “CrossFitter”.

March 6, 2009 was the day that I did my 1st CF WOD. I was really working towards running a 100miler, my body was breaking down, and I needed a different way to train. Found CrossFit and hey! you guessed it – kinda became obsessed with it. In my journals I kept writing: 100Miles & Major Magazine Article, these were to remind me of a couple of goals I had set for myself year(s) prior.

A little over 2 years have passed and neither one of those goals has been accomplished. I was on the verge of quitting tattooing all together and as of lately had become more concerned with being a better CF’er then a UltraRunner. Fate, fortune, choices, life, something has kinda got me steering back around to those goals. I’ve been able to step outside of the CF world for a bit and just try to be functional fit. I’ve been able to just go for a run, explore, play, and have FUN and not sweet the data so much. I was so caught up in improving a bunch of numbers that I was loosing site of why I started doing these things in the 1st place. Because I ENJOY running, and running far.

So with fresh eyes, new knowledge, and an ever questioning mind I’m moving forward. Who know’s maybe making the cover of a running & tattoo mag in the same year/month will happen. See, that’s kinda the “secret” dream. But one thing I have learned, not to get too stressed, enjoy the journey, and life.


Mon 11.08.15

Warmed up with some Jump-rope, Single HAnded KB swings, DROM, OH KB Squats.

WOD: 3x 3min AMRAP w/ 3min Rests

  • 20 DU’s
  • 5 OH Squats, single arm L @ 1pood
  • 5 OH Squat, single arm R @ 1pood


  1. 2+20DU’s
  2. 2+12DU’s
  3. 2+19DU’s

Rested 5-7min then:

  • 5×10 Goblet Squat @ 1.5pood

Used the rest periods in between to do Achilles & Calf mobility work.

Last set was a “max” effort. Got 21 reps, mentally gave up way before physically.

In hindsight I would have switched the order of the WOD’s. I would do the Strength 1st, then the AMRAP’s. ALso would have done OH Squats in the Strength, using Goblet Squats in the AMRAP making it look like :

3x 3min AMRAP w/ 3min rest

  • 20 DU’s
  • 10 Goblet Squats 1.5pood

Maybe I’ll try that out next week or so.

Sun 11.08.14

Long, lazy, exploring run that took me along the Greenway Trail and into some new ground. Various intervals of jogging, walking, sprinting. Did a few 400m repeats at a 1:30 pace +/- 5sec. Other than that is was pretty relaxing.

  • Total time out, on foot, traveling 1hour 18mins.

Sat 11.08.13

Nothing. Rained in the morning so I didn’t even walk the dogs.

Fri 11.08.12

3x 1M repeats w/ 5min rest

  • Used the Greenway Trail, 7.00, 7.36 (ran a little longer on this one), 6.56 were the splits. Fairly happy with that. It didn’t kill me and I kept everything in the same ball park. Pus I found the access point to the Greenway.