2013 CLE Marathon, Week 1 – SI

16week, 2013 CLE Marathon, Endurance WOD, WOD

Remember, this is SKILL based. Do your drills, make yourself a more efficient running machine. And don’t neglect mobility work, this is a DAILY requirement!


  • Total of 1/2 – 1M with easy jog and some pick-ups 
  • Beginner Drills
  • Cadence Work, Week 1


  • RUN: 4-8 x 200m w/ 2min rest. No more than 2-3 sec deviations


  • 400m easy jog
  • Runners mobility trifecta.

Enjoy the video, Dr Romanov showing CrossFitters how to begin.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/24iVDwOHLs8&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Clearing things up

Endurance WOD, General Info, WOD

I’ve had more than a couple inquires about our Endurance Program, and the upcoming block of training for the 2013 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. So I decided to answer a few points that seem to be popping up.

How does CFD Endurance work with CrossFit Distinction?

We are a supplement to CrossFit Distinction’s excellent Strength & Conditioning (S&C) program.

A solid S&C program that incorporates a variety of functional movements done with intensity is the CORE of any CrossFit Endurance Program. Guess what?! CrossFit Distinction (or any well programmed CrossFit affiliate) has:

“constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity”

This is your base. The Endurance work is a supplemental to the CrossFit WOD’s.

Ideally you will be doing 4 – 5 CrossFit WOD’s a week, with 2 – 3 CFD Endurance WOD’s a week. (Don’t worry, we provide guidance on how to best work within your schedule.)

I don’t want to run a marathon, 1/2 marathon, or even a 10k. I just want to get better, can I participate in the program?

ABSOLUTELY! I keep telling people, CrossFit builds the engine, CrossFit Endurance gives it a bigger gas tank. Our program is designed to help the endurance athlete looking for a new way to train AND the CrossFit athlete that wants to work longer and be faster.

Can’t I just follow along on the blog, why should I pay for the program?

Just like 99% of all CrossFit affiliates, we will be posting our 2 – 3 Endurance workouts a week on the blog. For the world to see, for FREE.

But just like 99% of the individuals that are members of a CrossFit affiliate know, you get soooooo much more being a paid member.

CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance programs are much much more than the WOD’s posted on internet blogs and whiteboards across the globe. They are passionate coaches who want to see you succeed, and know you can do more. They are experience that will show you how to perform a movement or scale a workout properly. They are the voice of reason and encouragement. These programs, more often than not, are greater than the sum of their parts.

To give a little insight, we made this Sneak Peak.

Hopefully this clears things up, and encourages those sitting on the fence. We really are excited about showing the greater Cleveland area what can be accomplished with some intelligent programming, dedication, and hard work!

Sneak Peak

2013 CLE Marathon, Endurance WOD, WOD

1st draft of the 16week marathon program.

I wanted to give an example of what else, beside the WOD is included for our athletes. This  stuff is much more than “just running”.

BLOG POST, this is what the posting on our blog will look like. There will probably be a link  to something either educational or motivational, but not much more than this:

2013 CLE MARATHON, Week 1 – SI

4 – 8 x 200m on the 2min recovery

Doesn’t look like a lot, I know. But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. These are my notes, for that same workout.

2013 CLE MARATHON, Week 1 – Short Intervals

Teach Warm Up

    • DROM, spiderman walk, bear crawl, butt kicks, carioca
    • 400m Easy jog
    • 60, 80, 100m Pickups with gradual intensity build.
      • 1min moving recoveries between efforts

Let heart rate get back down while going over POSE

Figure 4 position

      • Neutral Head
      • Relaxed Shoulders
      • Elbows bent
      • Pillar
      • Support knee slightly bent
      • Slight lean at ankle

Running Drills

      • Ball of Foot Hops w/ forward lean 3×3
      • Wall Drill 3×20 each leg
      • Forward Lunge (w/ exaggerated pull) 3×10 each leg

Cadence Drills – 2x through of:

      • 4 x 30sec @ 94 – 96 Cadence
        • rest as needed, perform 1 of above drills
      • 1 x 2min @ 91 cadence


4 – 8 x 200m on the 2min recovery

*STOP! as soon as form starts to deteriorate

Cool Down

400m easy jog

Mobility – Teach

      • Pigeon Pose [hamstrings / glutes]
      • Couch (Wall) [quads]
      • Pole [achilles / calves]

Q & A

    • Review technique and cadence work
    • Make sure email info is correct for everyone = HOMEWORK