I’ve held more then a few 1-on-1 sessions lately. Helping my people find their potential, helping them open up, find better positions, and improve movement technique. Even though each of these session is unique, tackling the individuals personal issues it seems a few themes keep popping up.

Breath, hips, shoulders, and understanding their interconnectedness.

(Almost) universally I find my clients struggling with the ability to find good position due to immobile hips and shoulders. This in turns creates an environment that makes it almost impossible for them to breathe properly and or create tension through their mind line.

In other words, their shitty mobility makes it really really hard for them to “get tight” and breathe at the same time, or at all.

Jason Womack of Get Momentum is constantly  challenging me to create systems that alleviate redundant tasks. Basically use technology to make life easier. Things such as video recording short lectures and movements, an opportunity I missed last night. Creating download able PDF’s with quick URL’s so that I don’t need to spend repeated time finding and sending the same information. He’s pushed me to write blog posts going through the basic information that everyone seems to need, instead of relying on manually conveying the same information.

With these 1-on-1 sessions I (try) to send a follow up email. These emails contain homework and video links reminding each client what they should be working on at home. I found myself writing roughly the same emails over and over. Once I started cutting and pasting information I knew it was time to create living documents. Blog posts with URL’s I could easily send individuals and at the same time amend without needing to create and upload new PDF’s. Being easily amendable is important because as I teach I learn. I find new ways to help, new ways to explain how all these bits and pieces are connected and how to untangle them. New methods of complex issue so that we can all solve the things that ail us.

So not only am I learning new ways to help my clients in face to face situations I’m learning new ways to easily and present that same info with you.

I’ll be writing semi-long form post. These will be the basic talking points I’ve been giving my clients in our face to face sessions. We are going to talk about your upper girdle, lower girdle, breathing, go-to running form fixes, nutrition, bracing, and more. All with links, inside thoughts, and my take on solving these universal problem areas. Keep an eye out. At least one a month as we kick off 2017, possibly more. If you are have mobility,  technique, or any other issues you would like to see addressed, let me know. Leave comments on this post, or @ryanrspeed on Twitter and #indigowhiskey so I can find it.


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