IronWill : Body & Mind

We believe fitness should be fun and people should feel supported while creating and reaching their goals. We believe adults need to play, lift heavy stuff, accomplish new physical benchmarks, and that we never should have left the playground. Children know how to move naturally; watch them squat, swing and climb. As adults we have lost much of these abilities due to desk jobs, sitting in the car, sitting in front of television, and forgetting what it means to play. IronWill is a playground where strength of mind and body is found again.

We believe that community is as important as the products we offer. At IronWill you will find a supportive and inclusive environment. We know this is key to the continued success of our members and in turn IronWill itself. A supportive community allows people to celebrate their successes and feel safe if they fall short. There is a sense of accountability when relationships like this are formed. Not only do people not want to let themselves down but they don’t want to let the community down either. IronWill helps transfer confidence into people’s everyday life such as career, relationships, school and sports.

IronWill : Body & Mind is run and managed by Ryan and Jen Speed. They are a husband and wife team with over a decade of experience in both training/racing and business management.

Most of Ryan’s adult life has been spent in the military or self-employed as a tattoo artist. He is no stranger to discipline, hard work, long hours, and what it takes to create a brand. Ryan has also spent the last decade running, racing, training, coaching, learning, researching and building relationships within the running/CrossFit/Yoga communities. Currently he is an Ambassador for lululemon athletica and NOOMA.

Jen is currently a stay at home mom raising a very spirited 2 yr old. She has 11 years of business and project management experience. She worked her way up the management ladder at a large insurance company and in 2010 before she decided to make the move to being her own boss she was one of the top Supervisors in her division.

In 2013 Ryan and Jen spent the better part of the year training, increasing membership, organizing and running community events, increasing the social media presences, running the day-to-day operations, and fostering relationships for a local CrossFit. It was during this time they realized that their passion for people, health, and the community would be better served by opening their own facility.

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