Cycle D, Week 5 – Sept 30, 2013

8 Week, Endurance WOD, WOD

Akron Marathon Relay

I can’t give enough praise to all those that participated in Saturdays Akron Marathon Relay! It was tons of fun, we had a few personal 1st’s, and then some very non-Paleo indulgences afterwards. All round a great time. I think I can say we are all looking forward to the next event!

6 x 400m TT’s w/ 4 min recoveries

These are all out efforts for each round.

4 x 400m w/ 3 min recoveries. Keep all efforts within  2-3 sec.

20 Burpee penalty for each interval not within 2-3 sec. To be paid immediately after 4 rounds have been completed.

2 x 5k @ 90% of Week 4 pace

Use Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts to determine pace.

Cycle D, Week 4 – Sept 23, 2013

8 Week, Endurance WOD, WOD

Another week down, and here we are. The Akron Marathon is this weekend, Sat the 28th! For those of you running the relay : If there are any questions contact your Team Captain ASAP!

Those that are not running, you’re going to miss out on the after race beer, food, and comrade’!

On to the WODs

4 x 200m then 4 x 400m w/ 90 sec recovery

4 x 4 min w/ 3 min recovery

5k Time Trial
Compare pace to Week 2

Cycle D, Week 3 – Sept 16, 2013

8 Week, Endurance WOD, WOD

We have a Sunday (9/22) Meet-up this week. It’s going to be special, my friend and owner of Vertical Runner in Hudson, OH is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. There will be a trail run Sunday morning, that will be our meet-up. Come out, meet some new people, run some new trails, have fun, and live easy.

6 x 400m w/ 90 sec recovery

4 x 1000m w/ 3 min recovery

10k @ 95% of Week 2 TT pace

Use Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts:

P + (P x (1 – E)) = G
P = fastest time for the distance. Convert to seconds.
E = Desired effort level in decimal form (90% = .90)
G = Goal time in seconds
Example: 90% of 10k TT Pace
So, if my fastest 10K is 48 minutes and my desired effort is 90% then my goal time should be:
2,880 + (2,880 x .10) = G
3,168 seconds= 52.8 minute 10K

This is a steady state run, the goal is to maintain your pace for the entire run.


Cycle D, Week 2 – Sept 9, 2013

8 Week, Endurance WOD, WOD

Programming is going to look a little different. In an effort to make sure WODs are posted in a timely manner, I will be posting all 3 WODs for the week at once.

Our weekly Tue meet-ups will rotate between the Short Interval (SI) and Long Interval (LI) workouts.

Our bi-weekly Sunday meet-ups will not always correspond with the Tempo/Time Trial workout. The Sunday runs are for us to get out and enjoy running together, sometimes this doesn’t involve suffering together.

DO NOT do all 3 Endurance WOD’s the same day, or even on consecutive days. If you are, you are doing them wrong. Don’t understand? Please make a second and talk to me to find out why.

On to the workouts!

8 x 200m w/ 200m easy jog/walk recovery.

Hold all intervals within 2 – 3 seconds. 10 Burpee penalty for every interval outside of range, to be done at end of workout.

2 x 400m & 2 x 1000m w/ 2 min recovery

5 Mile Time Trial

This is an all out effort and should be done on race like terrain.

EVERYONE!!! Needs to perform at a minimum a 5k TT this week. Get after it people!