14.09.22, E/Wods, 12week Marathon, Week 12

12week, Endurance WOD, WOD

We are all different, we all require a little different taper. This is a template that should give you an idea of what you should be this week, so you are amped and ready to race on Sat!



Mon : Rest

Tue : Lift Heavy, such as 5 x 3 Backsquats

Wed : Helen @ =< 70% effort

Thur : 8 x 200m at 70% effort, with 2:00 rest

Fri : Rest

Sat : Kick ass.


You want to feel like you didn’t do enough the last week, like you can’t wait to run.

E/WOD’s for the week 14.08.25

12week, Endurance WOD, WOD

Do Time Trial this week!!!! You need to get a gauge of where your fitness is so you know what kind of pace you can hold.

Short Interval (SI)
10 – 15 x :30 on, :30 off, or until form /pace deteriorates

Long Interval (LI)
3 – 6 x 6:00 on, 3:00 off, or until form /pace deteriorates

Tempo / Time Trail ( T / TT)
3 x 1M TT, 5:00 – 10:00 recovery between efforts

Aerobic Effort (AE)
Relay 5M
1/2 Marathon 8M
Marathon 12M